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Psühholoog tallinn | +372 5538455
Psühholoog tallinn | +372 5538455


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    Консультация психолога
    10:00Nikita Grigoriev
    Adress: Sõjakooli 14 - 36, Kristiine, Tallinn


Индивидуальная консультация психолога


Lack of motivaation
Stage fright
Communications problem

Семейный психолог в таллинне


Family arguments
Unable to hear each other
Mutual claims
Unresolved conflicts

Детский психолог


Behavior problems
Child is lying
Studying performance issues
Adolescent aggression
Gaming addiction



Fear for the future
Negative thoughts
Fear of judgement
High alertness
Fear of communication



Panic attacks
Chronic fatigue

Личностный кризис


Fear of decision making
Meaning of life issues
Loss of a loved one


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TED спикер

I have been conducting private psychological practice since 2010, although I began to take an interest in psychology way back, when I was studying at school.

While observing the behavior of people, I always tried to understand – what makes them do certain things. It was this interest that led me to study psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and neuro-biology.

Without understanding what causes problem in first place, it will reproduce over and over again. My task is to help you to understand the true reasons behind current situation, the invisible connections that caused the crisis. That way you can understand what to do and how to avoid similar crises in the future.

It’s like solving a puzzle that we can only solve by working together: you know your life better than anyone else, I understand the brain mechanics cognitive biases.

In 20th century it was necessary to go to a psychologist for years just to “talk about it”. Modern methods of psychotherapy allow you to tackle the issue within just limited amount of sessions.


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Professional english-speaking psychologist in Tallinn. Offering individual psychological consultations as well as consultations for couples.

I provide guidance to parents and teachers on matters of upbringing and fostering connections with children and adolescents.

My main goal is to help clients understand how their brain works so they can take control over their thoughts and emotions.

If you have a question or would like to receive a preliminary consultation, please send a message using the form on the website. I am here to help you in a friendly and professional environment.

If you have a question, or want to get a preliminary consultation, you can send a message using the form on the website, or by contacts:


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Nice and easy communication. I had many questions about my life and my place in it. In just one hour I have got all answers.

Saved me years of searching.
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I found the best psychologist. Seriously, this guy is amazing!

He has a ton of information and techniques for solving my problem. He helped me and I highly recommend him!

If you are looking for someone to help you with your problems, be sure to go to him. You will not regret!
Leo B.
Leo B.
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I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your help in resolving the emergency. Thanks to your operational guidance and leadership, what could have been a tragedy was averted.

I am truly amazed by your professionalism and competence. Thanks to you, the situation was quickly resolved without any serious consequences. I deeply appreciate your help and guidance.
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Nikita Grigoriev is the best therapist in Tallinn!

As for me, trust and acceptance are the most important things when you work with a psychologist. You simply wouldn't be able to share your problem or accept a new point of view without those.

I really needed help, so I visited two psychologists in Tallinn before Nikita, but they couldn't establish trustful relationships with me. I was treated as a patient, a case from the studybook, but not as a person. I was left disappointed and even more confident that there's "something wrong with me", and no one can help me.

After sessions with Nikita, I finally feel myself fulfilled person. Thank you!
Ekaterina N.
Ekaterina N.
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I really liked the easy way of communication.

Having asked for help, I not only learned to understand and hear my inner child, but also revised my mindset. Many thanks for the help.

I have recommended you to my friends and family. Thank you!
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At first I was very nervous about coming to you. I had never seen a therapist before and didn't know what to expect.

But as soon as I entered your office, I immediately felt at ease. You were so warm and welcoming and it was easy for me to talk about my problems. I appreciated that you really listened to me and offered deep feedback.

After our session, I felt motivated to make changes in my life. I am very grateful that I came to you. Thank you for helping me see things in a new light.


My office address: Sõjakooli tee 14-36, Kristiine, Tallinn.
The entrance from the street.

Free parking in front of the building.

Public transport stop: Västriku
– Bus: 23 and 28.


когнитивно-поведенческая терапия

Quite often the profession of a psychologist is associated with Hollywood movies, where the client lies on the couch, talks about his problems, and the specialist nods and writes something in a notebook. Indeed, earlier psychoanalysis sessions looked somewhat like this. It could take months or even years just to talk about the problem.

It’s 21st century, and the way psychologist consultation goes has changed a lot!

Over the past decades, we have begun to understand how the brain works better than in the entire history of mankind. Now we know that our limitations, self-doubt, procrastination and so on are the normal work of the brain. It was formed during evolution in a completely different world, and it is not designed for modern issues.

Previously, psychology and neurobiology intersect, but now they effectively complement each other. This allows you not to waste time looking for abstract concepts such as “harmony” or “self-love”.

Thanks to modern research, there are now tools that allow you to quickly identify the causes of a problem and find an effective way to solve them.


I suppose you’ve heard that in order to solve problems you have to love and accept yourself. But no one gives instructions on how to actually achieve this, or what is exact definitions of the word “love”. Instead, you are encouraged to spend several years of your life in psychotherapy “talking about it”.

However, if I give the car for repair, I do not expect that in a week I will have to take it to the same garage again.. and then again and again.
The most valuable resource today is time. My task is to save you time and, in the end, money.

Our problems are just symptoms of something more serious. I help to find the cause, the root of the problem. Once you define it, everything falls into place – you understand not only why it happened, but also what to do about it. You receive new vision, new understanding of the situation, which is the most important factor for positive changes in your life.